Welcome to Jamaica Alternative Theatre
  Corporate Services
JAMAICA ALTERNATIVE THEATRE in order to fund its cultural projects offers the following services to corporate entities:

-Drama productions to launch new products or services

-Creation of staff drama groups for companies

In order to enhance companies' team spirit and provide a better staff and management relationship.

-Voice, Public Speaking and Drama workshops

Using drama technics to develop staff creativity self confidence and development.

-Training Through Theatre. 

To fit today’s training needs, the companies HR departments, as well as the public sector departments need to have a more sophisticated approach. Any organization, in the service industry or any other type of industry will depend heavily on the relation of its employees and the public at large. The HR departments have realized that role playing is an important tool, but it remains at the level of “playing”, meaning that the employee being trained reacts to some other employees pretending to behave like the customers. The exercise never reaches beyond the pretending level, because the employees playing the customers are seldom convincing and known of their peers.

Our professional theatre company will supply the HR departments with trained actors (of different ages, ethnicity and gender, as well as deaf actors and bilingual actors) who will study a real case and act/improvise in situation with the trainees.

This approach will put the trainees in “Simulated Real Situations” (SRS) which will be very close to reality.

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